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I just remember that I am a post short (sorry :x).

Because I don’t have a life, I found myself reading my and my coworker posts and I just realize that we didn’t talk about our city – Lisbon, one of the most historical and beautiful city’s around the world!

So I will talk about the most beautiful part of Lisbon, the oldest part (and no, I don’t like it because of the night, who I am kidding I love go out there in the night).

The Baixa is near the Tagus River, in the valley formed by two of the seven hills of the city. It was built by the Marquis of Pombal in the 1755 earthquake, in the case of one of the major places of city life.

The streets are full of street performances and weird people, it is a mix of cultures, the streets are short and everything has an old look…

A Little advice, go to the Elevator of Santa Justa, I never had the chance to go there, but thurt my friends, it is pretty amazing…

Look at me trying to make you go to Lisbon with words, when pictures made a freaking better job

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Beaches Beaches everywhere :) “We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” ― Marilyn Monroe

Hi fellows, i'm a surfer and wouldn't be the person I am, if beaches didn't existed. So cheers to the beach! :b My name is Noah and i'm from California. Yes ladies, the place best known on West Coast (I think it's because Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg's song...)

Anyway I decided  to gives you a present, just because I'm such a cool guy and I like to help chicks... I mean people! Well, I will talk about some of the dangerous beaches on Earth, and well give to you guys a brief taste about all different women that I have known :D

First: Australia. Don't ask, don't tell. Well in this case I just will tell you that in Fraser Island I saw a men being attacked by an savage dog. I mean it. A savage dog! I took my ass so hard of that beach that I might have lost my shorts :b Without further jokes, It is a serious beach. If you go there, you need to watch out. Also Australia have two more dangerous beaches: Northern Territory with his living waters "killers". It's impossible to swim there. And finally: Cape Tribulation (Queensland), this beach problems' is to have several animals that are authentic predators like crocodile, poisonous snakes and jellyfish. It never ends? :s

Second: Hawai, with all that beautiful and pure beach. Well, if some of you girls want to join me and go to Hawai, we might stay away from Hanakāpīʻai Beach. This beach has so powerfull waves that the currents make the bodies of at least 15 drowning victims have yet to be recovered. Please be careful. But we can of course, enjoy of other things besides beach and surf :b Girls don't distracts me like that... I almost forgot! Hawai had a vulcano called Kilauea that is near to the beach and leaves the water so hot that you can cook in there and make a complete meal to the village :b 

Thirth: Brasil. Oh sweet Lord, I still didn't recovered from the last party in Brasil (Carnival) and all that brazilian women. Jesus! Ok focus Noah... well there are some beaches that are dangerous like: Praia de Boa Viagem and Copacabana. The first one has problems with shark attack (I freakin' hate sharks...) and the second one has problems such as crime. Protect your bags ladies, or leave it them with me with the option of you also stay with me :b 

Fourth: India. India is the perfect place to know more about other culture and explore such a diversity of values. And the food. Pray the Lord, I love indian food :D but they had one big issue: polution. And the Chowpatty Beach is the living proof of that. Is one of the most poluted beach in the world :s what a shame. 

Fifth: South Africa. Men you need to see how women behaved there. It will blow your mind... I guarantee to you ;b despite all the pretty women there, South Africa characterised for have the capital of white sharks attack - Gansbaai and another beach where occurred white sharks attack' is Second Beach. Do I need to continue? Guess not... 

Sixth and the last one: Mexico... Mexico Mexico! The country of drugs, dirty money, corruption, crime, alcohol and mujeres ardientes :b Me Gusta :D Mexico also have two dangerous beaches: Playa Zipolite known for terrible currents and massive waves and Acapulco, because the violence caused by drug cartels that terroriries the famous tourist region.

Ok... I write this text to alert you. So don't go all freak out around the beaches, talking that a maniac dude wrote in a blog that this beaches are all dangerous. And if anyone go there, will die! Please dude chill out and... go SURF (or chase after girls)! :b There's a lot of cool and safe beaches, and I didn't mean to scare you. It's just an alert and of course an educational text (uhh I feel smart, right now!) 

I hope you all stays cool and don't do anything I wouldn't do (I do everything) :b 
Peace out :p
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The mystical country

Hye there party people, I am the freaking Dionysius the Greece God of pleasure, parties and wine. I don’t like this thing you call computers and internet, but we need to be updated… so here we go!
Well, since this is a blog about travelling, I will charm you with my words to make you want to visit Greece.
In my time, were the girls who worship me, in the woods, dancing and drinking around a bonfire… I admit that it was pretty cool, but nowadays, oh yeah!
It is so easy meet the taverns, with concerts, traditional music, folk dances, accompanied by a dinner with typical dishes of the country, and tasty dishes that are part of the Greek cuisine. A dinner show, in an environment that gathers tourists from around the world, to see firsthand the great cultural and artistic spectacle of the Greek people in a lively party. 

OMG, seriously dude? Party? Drinks? Ok… Hey I am Apolo!
I will try to make up to my good brother her, and try to say that Greece is not just parties at night it is also a really magical place, with a beautiful story fill up with poetry and music.
It is our home, and we love it… the streets of Plaka, is a gloriously exotic maze of alleys, winding streets and stairs lined with 19th century houses and neo-classical mansions, decorated roofs representing the head of Medusa, goddesses or foliage. This is the old working-class neighborhood of Athens, but is now one of the most rewarding areas of the city to explore.

Yeh, yeh, yeh, but brother don’t forget that Athens is known as the city that never sleeps, just like New York… and people I am the God of Wine, but there is a lot of other drinks waiting for you here, yes we sell vodka to…

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“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” (Émile Zola)

Ciao everyone, my name is Giovanna and i'm from Italy. I wrote you to talk about something amazing that happened to me! I travelled in time... you don't believe it? Keep reading and you'll see :b
I was in my room, bored because I needed to do a work about art, and I kind of like art, but I don't completely understand the real message of the paintings! In the end I don't understand nothing at all... 
Anyway I was thinking in my favorite pop art artists and I remembered of Romero Britto. I started dreaming and in my dream I was watching him painting his famous paint of Michael Jackson. Suddently.... BUUM, I was there, with Romero Britto and he was painting Michael Jackson (one of my biggest idol :D). 
Here comes a short biography about Romero Britto, why he painted MJ, some characteristics of his paint and a brief comment about pop art and why he is considered an pop art artist.

Romero Britto (born on October 6, 1963) portrayed Michael Jackson in Santa Marta, on July 16, 2009.
Exhibition in Germany - Portrait in Tribute to Michael Jackson (ohh so sweet gesture ^^,)


Romero Britto was invited by singer Michael Jackson, in 2002, to produce the album cover especially for the victims of September 11. Later, Britto was invited by the singer to stay in Neverland, the place of the king of pop, and as compensation for the invitation, the painter gifted singer Michael Jackson with his many portraits.
«It was kind of a unique sweet and polite. My pen fell and he caught me. Shy, sad, suffering, that's how I see it. His suffering led him to leave so soon and so young» regrets Britto :'c

His art is a mixture of some typical stylistic graphic of comics. Dilution is what strengthens this innovative art, is what Romero proposes to instigate the art with the joy of color. It unites the influences of cubism with pop, to create a vibrant, iconic style that The New York Times describes exudes warmth, optimism and love.
It is a self-taught artist, began in 1983 to combine the Cubism of Picasso to Andy Warhol pop. His works caught the attention of celebrities by their joy and color.
Most of the works of Romero Britto, he uses graphic texture and usually they deal with important issues of the day-to-day. His works, mostly, are not exactly equal to reality, they include lines, points, divisions and fragments of his signature (largely the work).

Romero Britto is considered a pop art painter, because it uses common objects to their works (animals, teens, famous, kings and queens, scenes from everyday life as being in love and enjoy the company we like, fruit, cartoon figures) such as pop art reflects everyday life and common objects. The artists of pop art use also common images from everyday culture, including advertisements, consumer goods, celebrities, photographs, comic strips.
He uses and abuses of colors and their contrasts, plays with various geometric shapes and transmits color, happiness, energy, joy and hope in a single painting. Just like in pop art in which artists use bold, flat colors and hard edge compositions that adopt from commercial designs found in billboards, murals, magazines and newspapers.
Initially Britto had no money to buy canvases and painted it in newspapers and pieces of trash picked up. Currently he works in mosaics, fabrics and other materials. The artists of pop art using materials including acrylic paints, plastics, photographs, fluorescent and metallic colors.
The pop art is known by the use of new Technologies and methods as known as mass production, fabrication, photography, printing and serials.

 I'm so excited for having this dream, trip, whatever you like to call it... to the past and be able to watch one of the greatest artist of pop art: Romero Britto while he was painting *.* I'm sure my teacher will love my work, because I sure do love it :D 

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Towards a definitive statement on the coming trends in men’s wear and accessories a) Together let us explore the stars, 1962.

So, there I was in the beautiful Germany, enjoying everything the country could bring me, when my friend (an art freak) dragged me to a Richard Hamilton’s art exhibition. First I was really bored, but then I actually started to enjoy it… I and now I am so happy about the fact that I went there because my teacher told me to do a commentary on a pop art work.

I really enjoy it the work that was in exhibition, but when I start searching for more, I really fall in love with the master piece with the title: Towards a definitive statement on the coming trends in men’s wear and accessories a) Together let us explore the stars. It is from 1962.

This work is from the beginning of is careers and it is one part of a series of four canvas whose title is withdrawn from a header of a Playboy’s article.

In it, the artist examinee the concept of masculinity through a collage of a series of images taken from the popular press, catalogs and technical references to current affairs.

Here, we can see that just like in others works of pop art; the artist used objects of daily life and does a work where it is not for the elite but for everyone with really simple contexts.

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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” - Alternative End :)

Hello, my name is Lúcia and i saw the movie "Rebel Without a Cause". Girls wait, do you know James Dean? Yes, that hot boy that was very popular in the 50's and died very young... well, this was his first movie :b
I was thinking while I was watching the movie, and  I usually like the ending of the films, but I didn't liked these, so I thought "why not change it?" and I decided to write a new end for the movie "Rebel Without a Cause".

I divided it into three perspectives: Jim's, Judy's and Plato's and I have to advice you that Plato won't die. I hate deaths and Plato death's was very stupid and unnecessary :s

Lets start with Jim's:
"I will talk with the polices while Judy take care of Plato. He seems to me more calm and, ok he was very nervous, but I think that Judy will calm down him. I'm walking through the police and I'm saying that "Plato had a panic attack, he is a nervous boy, he just want be alone and he didn't meant to do this, he was just scary because some stupid boys were chasing him to beat in him..." I explained all the situation to the police and they agreed to go, except the Captain. I walked away to go inside the Planetary, my heart was beating so hard and was sweating a lot. I saw Plato explaining to Judy something about the sky and planets. The kid is really a genius but what can I do... I call them and said that "the police had gone, we just have to talk with the Captain and we are free to go." Plato smiled to me and....

Second is Judy's:
He is really a nice guy, I think I might like him... Oh I hope he didn't noticed!! Now put a smile on your face Judy and stop thinking that both are looking at you. After Jim talk to Plato and leave us to go talk with the police, a strange silence was in the planetary room and I started to ask to Plato about the planets and, for my surprise, he loved the idea of talking about the planets and he started to give me this "class" about the astronomy! It's amazing how Earth is small while comparing to other planets like Venus. And the time passed, Plato was getting more comfortable and I was really enjoying all what he was saying. I have to admit, he is a good teacher. Jim returned and he was with a smile on his face, he told us the good news and we prepare to talk with police. Plato became shy again and he didn't talk at all. Jim smiled to him, trying to give him strenght and courage. But when we prepare to leave the planetary room, we saw that the policeman lied to Jim and they were all waiting for us, to arrest us. We...

At last but not least, Plato's:
Jim lied to me?! How could this be possible? They will kill me? Lock me up? I can't stay here... I ran, I listened Judy and Jim saying my name and I heard their steps right behind my backs. I turned and said: "I won't let them kill me... I don't want to die and I don't like people... I don't have any friends or family and you can't make me go back and talk to the police." They agreed with me, so the three of us escaped from the planetary room and entered into Jim's car. We stoped by Judy's house so she can, quickly (ladies' talk), prepare a bag of clothes and get some money. And then Jim stopped into his house to do the same thing. We were ready to go. I ask them if they were sure of what they were about to do. And they explain the reasons why they want to leave his parents. Jim was because, his father was a coward and he didn't want to be like him. He also tell us that is his mother that controls the house. Judy said that he father was a pre-historical father and he didn't believe in women's rights. She couldn't stay another day in that house. So I guess we are really leaving all this.

The End:
Three years later, the three were in Europe, after travelling around the entire America, they decided to go to Europe and explore new places. Jim and Judy, of course, end up together and they adopt Plato as their son. They were happily after ever

Well, it's everything for you today and I hope you like my end. I'm sure, I like! :b

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I never like the movies' final

HELLO EVERYBODY…. Once again I am here to write another amusing post :p
For today I will try to rewrite the final of Rebel without a cause by Nicholas Ray, assuming that at least my beloved English class saw the movie, I will not, yes you read it well WILL NOT make a summary of the film (call me lazy if you want). 

Me… trying to be better than Nicholas:
After Buzz’s death, everybody were very upset (in the movie after an hour of his death everyone were really ok with the situation and that made afraid that the same happen to me, I WANT YOU TO ALL CRY IN MY FUNERAL OK? OR I WILL HAUNT YOU, GET IT?) moving on, so July didn’t fall in love with Jim in that night, because she cried tree days in road for her dead boyfriend.
Jim that didn’t want to be a chicken like his dad, discovered that being a chicken were in is blood (you can’t ran from your DNA Jimmy, sorry bro) and didn’t tell the police he was guilty of Buzz’s death instead he run crying to his friend’s arms. Plato that was in love with him, felt miserable, tears were running out of his eyes while his fingers were stroking Jim’s blond hair. In the end of the night when Jim finally falls asleep, Plato ran to the near police station and told them a story where he was the guilty of Buzz’s death.
Plato went to jail with a smile on his face, he had save the love of his life and now Jim was indebted to him. He waited every day for Jim’s visited with his photo on the cell’s wall, but it never happen.
Finally when he left jail, the first thing he did was go after Jim, and what he discovered? While observing from the window of Jim’s house he saw Judy giving the breakfast to a small child and Jim kissing passionately Judy and the baby…
The face of Plato turn to red from the rage and his eyes didn’t show love anymore but just anger… (TO CONTINUE)

Well I hope you enjoy it… and I hope mine (‘s) are correct…
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